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What is home automation?

Put simply, home automation makes your home smarter and more


How does it work?

Through the use of modern technology we are able to achieve functions

that not only make life more simple, but add value and functionality to

your home.  A home automation system enables you to control lighting,

climate, audio & visual entertainment systems, and appliances.

It may also include home security such as access control, intelligent

timers and alarm systems.


This is a good question. Why? well some may simply say why not? But if you are going to spend your hard earned cash, then why is the most important question you should be asking.

First, simplicity. What is more simple that not having to turn lights on for yourself when you walk into a room, or not having to switch on the air conditioning if the room has become too hot or too cold . Home automation makes life simple.

Imagine you have just finished cooking and you're sitting down for dinner with your family. You dim the lounge room and kitchen lights and switch on those in the dining area. You adjust the temperature, turn off the television and flick on your favourite play list. Imagine achieving all of this and so much more, with just one click of a button. Simple!

Second, efficiency. Getting the family to turn the lights off is hard enough, let alone fans, heat lamps and air conditioning. What's more efficient than a sensor knowing you've left the room and turning the lights and air conditioning off for you? Or how about the same sensor detecting that the room has become humid and turns on the fan, but only until the room is no longer humid? Or what if that same sensor knows the room is warm enough and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Not to mention your blinds adjusting themselves dependent on the time of year and the direction of the sun, allowing for optimal temperature/lighting. Efficient!

How much?

It's no secret that home automation will cost more than your basic standard house wire. But it's not about what you put in as apposed to what you get back, as home automation works out cheaper over time.

The trick is not to get carried away and automate only what adds value. For example, there is no need to automate the attic or include functionality to a store room cupboard. Be practical and pragmatic.




What is building automation?

Building automation is the use of modern technology to automate, monitor, meter, control, communicate and interact with every possible requirement a building could include. From top to bottom, from inside to out.



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